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The Blog www.energymaterials.hzbblog.de is a place, where we mention nice papers of HZB scientists, too specialized for the mass media, but really interesting for colleagues and experts. We also might link to relevant articles in science journals and we would be glad if you want to contribute to this blog.

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  • 14. 08 2018

    Revolutionizing Quantum Energy Transfer

    Quantum Mechanics Can Be Useful Too! Nowadays, it seems that quantum mechanics is seen more as “spooky” than practical. Thus, I am here to “de-mystify” some of the science behind a fascinating process that’s yet to be simulated properly. My research group investigates the theory behind what is called Interatomic Coulomb Electron Capture (ICEC). This fascinating universal quantum process is yet to be fully understood, and we are here to change that. Someday, this could be an incredibly useful tool to revolutionize atomic and quantum chemical energy transfers. ICEC In A Nutshell The general process includes 3 main steps that occur simultaneously. We’ve got t [...].
  • 10. 08 2018

    “Water to heat water!” ?That I should like to see.?

    Far-sighted hydrogen economy During one of the winter nights, while talking in the interior of Granite House, ?well lighted with candles, well warmed with coal, after a good dinner?, the settlers of Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island were discussing about the fact that the coal will be entirely consumed. After a roughly estimation, Cyrus Harding, an engineer of great capabilities, concluded that it would happen ?for at least two hundred and fifty or three hundred years.? To everyone’s surprise, when he was asked what they will burn instead of coal, he said: ?Water?. ?Water? cried Pencroft, ?water as a fuel for steamers and engines! water toRead More →Der Beitrag “Water t [...].
  • 10. 08 2018

    Jumping over the wall

      I am living in a room at Rudow, I have never liked to use the public transport even if it is as organized as I have found it is in Berlin. In my first week in Germany I realized that most of the streets have a good bycicle road. That’s really nice!!. I bougth  roller skates and every day I get to Adlershof on those. It cought my attention that at 3/4 of my way to the institute, I had  to cross a diagonal “deffect” on the floor. I was wondering why if the street is straight it is divided by that section. IRead More →Der Beitrag Jumping over the wall erschien zuerst auf Energymaterials, science at HZBblog. [...].